Who We Are

Who We Are

Kevin and Susan Pfahl, the Pfahl design team focuses on delivering personalized design with impeccable details and high quality across a broad range of projects.  We believe that design matters.  It is integrated into our commitment to our clients for:

• Environmental Responsibility

• Buildability

• Contextual Appropriateness

• Workability/Function

• Enduring Style

Our experience as builders gives a realistic understanding of how projects come together from preliminary design through managing the tiniest details of each project since 1990.  We bring that experience to bear on all of our design projects.


Kevin Pfahl graduated from the university of Tennessee with honors in 1978.  Followed shortly after by his wife Susan Pfahl in 1979. As Architects they have worked on projects of all styles. In 1987 Kevin and Susan went into business for themselves. This is where Pfahl Builders and Pfahl Architects began. They found that when being both the architect and builder ideas can be executed to perfection. Kevin and Susan take each project from dream to reality. No detail is too small. With both of their heads combined they can solve any design problem. The husband and wife team are dedicated to providing a great service for there customers and do as much as possible to make everyone involved in the process happy. Susan and Kevin both serve as Architects and Designers, but each manages different aspects of the business for maximized efficiency. Susan oversees the construction documents for each home and the CADD Design staff, serves as the liaison for customer communication and design input, and manages the day-to-day operations. Kevin oversees the construction of the homes in the field, handles the construction infrastructure at the site and makes schematic decisions on street scapes and overall look of the community via management of the Architectural Control and Review process. Both are gifted architects as well as high quality builders who want to make a difference. Since the mid-1980’s this team has created more than 75 new homes and has completed over 50 major renovation projects. Embracing the use of energy-efficient products, advanced construction methods and high quality materials, Pfahl Custom Builders bring award-winning design and impeccable building technology to new heights. There guiding principle-attention to detail, from initial design through construction, to the last finishing touch. Through the years of intensive study and hands on experience, Pfahl Builders and Architects have perfected the art of building great quality homes with impeccable design details at every price range.