Residential Architecture

It begins with a dream; a home designed and custom built for you and your lifestyle. Or an addition or home renovation to have your existing home work better than you could ever imagined.

Turning your vision from a dream to reality requires the thoughtful integration of many phases, takes many steps, and involves coordinating dozens of experts, skills and trades. That’s why the choice you make in selecting your architect and your builder are so very important.

At Pfahl Architects, we recognize that you don’t make the decision to build or renovate every day. And, above all, you want to make a confident decision as to whom you will work with to make your dream become reality.

Our expertise as both architects and builders provides the integration of form and function that reflects your vision along with the construction detail and management that drives efficiency and delivers your vision.

“The Pfahl's have an excellent understanding of their clients' comfort zones.  The work they do is full of expression of that understanding and those needs, both visually and emotionally.  Then, to add top-quality construction and strong project management really sets them apart!”
– Lori B.