At Pfahl Architects, we care whether or not your space is just right for you and your family or business.

We work with you to fully understand your goals and budget and help you achieve the your dream. Our Dream to Reality Process includes several proprietary design phase modules, including:

The Informed Dreamer Conversation- in which we guide you through a description and clarification of your goals, articulate our uniques process (show you how we deliver on your goals) and make sure we establish a mutual fit.

The F3 (Form Follows Function) Design Sequence- this client focused design methodology involved four distinct phases-each helping you move confidently towards realizing your vision.

The Informed Buyer Conversation- At Pfahl Architects, we realize that you don’t make the decision to build or renovate every day. We work with you to help you understand the entire building process, providing the knowledge you need to choose your Architect and Builder and let you know what to expect.