As you consider a Remodeling Project, make three lists and check them at least twice:

First, create a list of what you Must Have. This list includes that spaces you cannot live without. It should include the items that have motivated you to consider a remodel in the first place. Include whole rooms, relationships between rooms, and and important details you want to include.

Create another list of what you Really Want out of your remodel. This should include the things that you want to get done as long as you are tearing everything else up anyway. This could be things like making your home greener, improving the energy efficiency, using green materials, expanding the scope beyond what you Must Have. Like a face lift in the Powder Room.

Finally, make your Wish List. Put all those things you’ve always wanted and would be really nice to have. And, you could live without them.

When the Budget Reality sinks in, you’ll know what stays in the project, and what can wait till next time!