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These are the broad-stroke steps of our process:

This is how we "Design Dreams, Build Reality"

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Initial Phone Consultation: 

An initial phone consultation serves as an introductory discussion where we explore your project goals, scope, and timeline. We'll gather information about your vision, requirements, and any initial ideas you have for your space. This conversation allows us to understand your needs better and determine how we can best assist you in achieving your architectural goals.

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In-Home Consultation:

Our in-home consultation service brings our expertise directly to you. We'll visit your home, walk through your space, and discuss your project scope, goals, wants, and needs. Together, we'll explore how a new design could be perfectly tailored to your unique space, ensuring a functional and beautiful outcome that aligns with your vision.

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Schematic Design:

A schematic design is the initial phase where we translate your ideas and requirements into visual concepts. Through sketches, floor plans, and basic renderings, we outline the layout, spatial relationships, and conceptual design elements. This stage sets the foundation for further development, ensuring alignment with your vision before proceeding to detailed architectural plans.

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Preliminary Pricing: 

Preliminary pricing provides an early estimate of project costs based on the initial schematic design and scope of work discussed. It outlines anticipated expenses for materials, labor, and other factors, helping you gauge the financial feasibility of your project before moving into detailed planning and construction phases.

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Design Development & Construction Documents: 

During the Design Development and Construction Documents phase, detailed plans, drawings, and specifications are prepared to guide the actual construction of your project. These documents outline every aspect of the design, including structural elements, materials and finishes. This stage involves confirming material selections, and addressing any adjustments or refinements. The construction Documents serve as the comprehensive roadmap for your builder, ensuring that your vision is executed accurately and efficiently on-site. 

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In sync with the previous phase, the engineering involves the integration of structural systems into the design. Our Structural engineers ensure that the building is safe, efficient, and compliant with regulatory standards. Their expertise ensures that all technical aspects of the project are seamlessly integrated, contributing to the overall functionality and longevity of the structure.

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Final Pricing with Builder: 

Final pricing with the builder is the culmination of detailed planning, where all aspects of the project are accounted for in a comprehensive cost estimate. It ensures clarity on project costs, enabling informed decisions and preparing for construction with confidence.

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Construction Readiness: 

Construction readiness signifies that all necessary preparations have been completed to commence building activities effectively. This phase, with your chosen builder, ensures that permits, approvals, financing, and logistics are in place. It also includes site preparation, mobilization of resources, and scheduling of subcontractors. Construction readiness guarantees that all elements are aligned for a smooth and efficient start to your project.

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