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AP London

Carly is  100% architect, 100% psychologist, and  I am 200% grateful (and bad at math) My partner and I had very different ideas on our house design, even the size. Carly listened, and made the consultation fun without siding too much with any idea. It truly blew our minds when we saw the 1st design and it was what we both wanted. The "That's it" moment felt pretty good! Kevin and the rest of team, then helped guide us to the best, value build outcome. 

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I worked with Pfahl Architects on a major renovation project for a 3/2 single family ranch in Madison Park. I interviewed three different design-build firms and found that Carly exceled where others came up short. Carly worked hard to meet my goals for the project while also offering fresh perspectives that improved on my original ideas. Pfahl Architects provided a multi-phase master plan for my home that I can execute on over time. Drawings included detailed floorplans, elevations, as well as a comprehensive lighting plan with additional supplemental drawings for key elements of the design (e.g., kitchen cabinets, fireplace, bathroom vanity). I couldn't be happier with the work that Carly did and the practical solutions that she implemented. Carly also has a great design eye, which was a force multiplier when it came to making decisions on how bring MCM style to my home. Thank you, Carly!! Can't wait to work with you again soon.

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I've worked with Pfahl for years. They have been the architect on many of the projects my company has installed (I'm an electrical contractor) and I must say their plansets are always so well assembled and look very nice. I've seen hundreds of sets of plans, possibly thousands (ok yes thousands for sure) Pfahl rates at the top in my opinion in professionalism and service, from concept to closeout. For this reason I chose them to work on my personal house. Was not let down. I knew the design would be great. House is currently under construction and I could have not done it without Carly and the Pfahl team. Go team! Attached to this review is a photo of the inside of a new F45 space in NoDa (only one on my phone of their work) and the retaining wall of the house at the beach. Thanks guys!

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We worked with Pfahl Architects on an extensive renovation of our home and could not have be happier with the process and end result. Carly was very thorough, and focused her design on our family's needs, producing a functional and beautiful home. The design process was a great experience, and Carly was very responsive to our feedback and made us feel very much included in the process. We would love to work with them again in the future!

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